Moni Zhang: Child from Wuhan | Edinburgh Fringe Preview

The Wall Comedy Club, Friedrichshain

Berlin, Germany


Vulva Slam: English Variety Open Mic | Free Entry

Belushi's Berlin, Mitte

Berlin, Germany

AUG 4 - 28 Everyday 17:00

Moni Zhang: Child from Wuhan @ Edinburgh Fringe

The Three Sisters - The Wee Room

Edinburgh, Scotland


Moni Zhang: Child from Wuhan

Z-Bar, Mitte

Berlin, Germany

AUG 4 - 28 Everyday 22:30

Anxiety vs. Depression: A Comedy Game Show @ Edinburgh Fringe

The City Café - Las Vegas

Edinburgh, Scotland



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Originally From Wuhan, a cold, desolate place that became way too famous in 2020. A regular in The Berlin Comedy Scene and The Winner of Berlin New Stand Up Award, 2019.

Moni doesn’t hold back with her material. She approaches sensitive subjects like race, sex, and farting with the finesse of a bulldozer. Her wit, set up and unique delivery makes her act fun to watch, while her vulnerability makes her the bravest person you'll meet.

Besides comedy, Moni dedicates herself to promoting awareness for mental health. She founded the Berlin Mental Health Festival, a week-long art festival including many workshops and art performances. She also produces "It's Mental! Health Comedy Berlin", which includes a weekly podcast and regular online & offline book clubs & support groups around mental health.




BMHF is a collection of exhibitions, workshops, performances, and more events dedicated to supporting Berlin's mental health. There is an annual festival and monthly events. Last year's festival was made possible by a group of activists and volunteers working together to promote mental health awareness and build a supportive community. Moni Zhang is the founder and curator of the BMHF.


Click the button below to check out the BMHF website, which includes all past and upcoming events, as well as mental health resources.

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There is a lot of pain and a lot of shame associated with mental illnesses. It’s Mental! is going to help by talking about it openly with a light tone and make jokes about it.




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